Mini-Review: Olaplex 

Sometimes social media’s creepy tracking function can be useful — today, I was reminded that it’s been a full year since I went platinum blonde. Thanks for keeping an eye on things, Facebook!

Since then, it’s been a long journey to hair recovery, but not because the blonde was actually that damaging. In fact, my cornsilk tresses were still long and strong. It was all the fiddling I did at home with box dyes and other horrors that finally did me in, causing me to have hair today that has stayed the same length all year…because it keeps snapping off at the ends. Cue kpop. 

I’m like TT

One thing that’s helped it stay manageable and grow longer is the same thing that protected it when it was being bleached: Olaplex. This chemical bonder re-knits broken disulfide bonds in hair, helping the proteins that make up each strand come back together and break less often. That’s the gist of it, anyway. The chemists behind Olaplex have some serious credibility, and if you’re a chemistry nerd you can read details in the patent here. For the rest of us, suffice to say that the Olaplex tag on Instagram is full of success stories and testimonials. 

Even a year after bleaching and dye-ing, damaged hair still benefits greatly from occasional treatments with Olaplex’s at-home product. (This may be a good time to say that, as always, I don’t have affiliations or sponsorship with Olaplex! I just like their product.) 

can you tell this is well-loved (aka empty)?

I typically leave the treatment on with slightly damp hair for 1-3 hours, then shampoo and condition as usual. You can also leave it on overnight if you’re hardcore. Has anyone else tried this and gotten good results? 

Olaplex No. 3 can be found in some salons and beauty supply stores, or online. I bought mine for about $25. 

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