Henna + Vlogging Updates

As you guys know, I’ve been through quite a hair journey this year—at least by my formerly boring, two-cuts-a-year standards. I went from platinum blonde in the fall to pink to, finally, a kind of reddish-brown shade that I have to occasionally correct as it grows out. Thankfully I had 23 years of hands-off hair habits to kind of make up for the damage I caused my strands this year, but it still wasn’t easy. And I have some regrets (looking at you, Garnier box dye…) As of now, though, my hair savior has been henna.


Technically, I now use indigo powder, which is what gives you a nice almost bluish black sheen. It’s literally what is used to dye blue jeans, but somehow comes out nice and black on hair—my hair is still bleached-blonde and porous under the layers of darker dye so it tends to drop color faster, and if I use henna alone it will eventually turn a brassy red. Indigo works, though. And since henna/indigo powder coats the strand of hair from the outside, rather than breaking open the shaft of hair to change the color from the inside, it can be layered and tends to fill in the porousness rather than exacerbate it, making my hair stronger and smoother as it grows out. You can use indigo or henna on top of box or chemical dyes, but not the other way around—as the chemical dyes open the hair shaft, it will mess with the henna or indigo that’s currently on top of the strand!

I also bought a new camera in preparation for my month-long jaunt through Asia this July (it’s coming up pretty soon! Eek), and decided I would test it out by making a couple of vlogs / youtube videos.

Look at this lil darling

This is my first ever foray into video-editing, shooting, or anything of that sort, so it’s a little rough around the edges—but I don’t think it turned out too bad, all things considered! In this video, Elina and I show you how to henna your hair at home. Warning, it’s kind of a mess…



2 thoughts on “Henna + Vlogging Updates

    1. Hey Austin! It will very slightly discolor light towels and pillowcases for a day or two after you dye it, depending on how thoroughly you rinse it. But in my experience the henna might wash out of towels, whereas traditional chemical dyes don’t

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