Playing Catch-Up: Paris

Paris was a fashionable dream (but you don’t need me to tell you that). Mr. S and I stayed in Le Marais, a trendy neighborhood dotted with hidden boutiques and Acne showrooms, where I lusted over every girl who passed our seat at the many sidewalk cafes we frequented. Here’s a word you often hear when people talk about French fashion: effortless. Le Marais often looked like an Everlane catalog in motion. In comparison, I sometimes felt like the landing page of Forever21. But the other ingredient in the coveted French look? I think it’s confidence.





1. Chambray shirt, Uniqlo

2. Black skater skirt, H&M

3. Red Voyager dress, Madewell

4. White sneakers, Vans

5. Leather crossbody, a random Parisian hole-in-the-wall boutique

6. Black knee-high socks, Urban Outfitters

7. Black platform sandals, Amazon

8. Red Le Pliage backpack, Longchamp

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