Today’s guest is Alyssa, my Charlottesville-based better half. I can’t write anything about her that won’t sound stupidly cheesy but suffice to say: she has great style and is responsible for any ab muscles I have because we laugh together so much. Life just wouldn’t be the same without her!

See, I ended up being cheesy and stupid anyway. But the love is really really realz.


1. Wool color-blocked coat, Michael Kors.
2. Cowl scarf, Nordstrom.
3. Leather knee-patch black jeans, Madewell.
4. V-neck sweater, Forever21.
5. Leather lace-up work boots, Frye.
6. Leather shopper, Stella and Dot.
7. Glasses, Warby Parker.

It’s going to be an extremely busy end of the semester (so busy that I’m kind of in denial about it), so I may not be updating much until the break. Or maybe I’ll update A LOT while procrastinating my work. T_T Anyway, stay warm, friends! Resist the urge to wear your college sweatpants around (at least make them like, Uniqlo Urban Sweats or something).

PS. This past weekend I competed with my dance crew, AKAdeMiX. Though we didn’t win, it was an amazing experience both in terms of bonding as a team and growing as a dancer. Check out these team jerseys we designed:


photo credit for above: Yena Son

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