Sometimes it’s the weekend and I just want to stand back here and smile at you before eating a lot of Thai food, ok? Doesn’t that sound nice?

but Esther this is a blurry night shot I hate it and also you’re just wearing workout clothes

I don’t care. This is what I wear basically every night in my dance alter ego.

The secret is the shirt around the waist. Transitioning from a lifetime of ballet to being on a hiphop crew, I had a moment where I realized why hip hop dancers always have that flannel-around-the-waist thing. It’s basically a ballet skirt. Gives movement, covers butt contours. Done.

1. Gray beanie, ASOS
2. Mint shirt, H&M
3. Leggings, Gapfit
4. Chambray shirt, Uniqlo
5. Gray sneakers, Converse

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