Today’s post is about a grad student’s best friend: a functional backpack that doesn’t look like an undergrad’s trusty patterned Jansport. Nothing wrong with Jansport per se, but, as my friend pointed out, “in grad school we take everything we can get, and sometimes…that’s backpack fashion.” (This purchase might also have been inspired by the kdramas I’ve been watching. Seriously, have you seen their backpacks in those shows?)

Everlane is a pretty open secret as far as online retailers go. Their claim to fame is the production of high-quality basics that “cut out the middleman,” therefore cutting down the price. Think cashmere sweaters and drapey silk shirts. Based on the quality of this backpack, I might go back for more.



The backpack material is a high quality twill that comes in a variety of neutral colors. It’s decently water resistant but maybe a little less so than the felt-lined mesh that some sportier backpacks are made of. Nothing a little waterproofing spray won’t take care of. The details are leather and nicely thought out–a lovely slim handle, flexible snaps, and a drawstring detail that slides easily but also stays in place. It’s too early to say how durable the backpack will be, but so far it is holding up excellently.
It’s pretty roomy too, with two side pockets for water/coffee and a front zippered pocket. The inside also has a padded laptop compartment that comfortably fits my 14″ laptop with its neoprene sleeve on. I usually carry around my laptop, two or three books, a binder, and my lunch.

*I did not receive any promotional consideration for this review. I just want you all to have nice things.


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