Spirited Away [Guest Post!]

(Today’s update is about something closer than clothing, and it’s brought to you by one of my nearest and dearest: Kid B! Really excited to share this with you guys. I’ve known B basically since birth, and in that time she was always the braver of us two. This is why she is showing off a killer tattoo today and I am still a chicken when it comes to needles!) *After this, check out her blog here!


belinda tattoo 1

I brainstormed for months about what I wanted tattoo-wise before getting this Haku piece. Haku is the River Spirit resembling a dragon from the Miyazaki movie “Spirited Away.” Unlike a more traditional dragon, his head appears somewhat wolf-like, his feet are talon-like, and his form and colors are more feminine; he is fierce yet graceful. spirited-away-chichiro-haku-dragon

I knew I wanted a dragon as my first tattoo for a while, but wasn’t sure what *kind* of dragon. I like Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons in “Game of Thrones” – one of my favorite TV shows – as well as traditional Chinese dragons, being Chinese-American. I also like Lisbeth Salander’s famous dragon tattoo. However, I couldn’t see any of those permanently on my body; they’re all a bit too harsh/masculine. So when I re-watched “Spirited Away” (such a great movie!) a while back, it occurred to me that Haku would be perfect.

belinda tattoo 2

Oliver Peck’s True Tattoo Hollywood was the best place to go for the execution. I’m glad I waited until after I left Cincinnati to get this quarter-sleeve. Cristina Ramos is an outstanding artist (I knew right when I saw her work online) and presented me with an impeccable sketch. It was more detailed and elegant than the reference I provided her. She even got the input of a traditional Japanese tattoo artist to really fine-tune it to give it an authentic look. The black outline took a little under two hours for Cristina to produce. It was sadly more painful than I thought it would be, but I was able to suck it up so that she could finish it as quickly and accurately as possible. Needless to say, I’m more than pleased with the outcome. I’ll probably get the shading/color done in a month or so, after the outline has healed up! I’m looking forward to that beautiful teal and white, as well as pink sakura blossoms to complement. (update to come)

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