At the Movies [Guest Appearance!]

Thanksgiving means time with my wonderful family and friends! This first visit back home after the start of a hectic school year has been the best. I went back to Ohio this week and saw a movie with my beautiful life-long friend Belinda…who also happens to be very stylish!

This isn’t filtered, by the way…just naturally blurry and low-quality…take that, Instagram!

My booties and purse were Black Friday purchases :) Did you get anything good?

On me [left side]:

1. Nylon puffer coat with faux-fur hood, ZARA Trafaluc

2. Green jeans, Gap

3. Brown booties, Nine West

4. Purse, Coach

On Belinda [right side]:

1. Burgundy coat with black faux-fur trim, H&M

2. Scarf, Charming Charlie

3. Jeans, Forever21

4. Black purse, H&M

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